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- Louise Richardson, Absafe

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We made an offer within a day

We put up a post for a graphic designer and I think it was within the space of 2 hours we had about 3-4 applications coming through. Its a fantastic platform for companies to be getting involved with.

Dan millard, Managing director


A very smooth experience

Its been a really positive experience with Udrafter, we were very impressed with the quality of the candidates. The skills that the students brought to us, and the enthusiasm that they had, meant they required a lot less supervision and coaching than I expected.

andy buchan, ceo

Hiretech ltd

Would definitely use them again

Recently used Udrafter to source an architecture student in order to help me plan the kitchen of my new restaurant. The service was excellent and the student very strong, will definitely be using them again in the future.

mechelle clark, owner


I'd recommend Udrafter to any company

Udrafter delivered a huge number of quality candidates who were highly motivated, and the process was quick and easy. I'd recommend Udrafter to any company looking for flexible students for bite size projects, on-demand.

sam pettipher, director

ebar initiatives ltd