July 1, 2020

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Daryll Morrow
Jul 1, 2020

The Digital Draft 2020

The Digital Draft 2020

Right now, business owners all over the world are facing the unfortunate reality that they’re going to have to close their doors…

...for good.

For many, that means letting go of loyal employees, liquidating assets, and in some cases, giving up (for now) on dreams. As bleak a picture as that paints, it’s the truth. So while things aren’t exactly ideal for anyone right now… Remember that if your business is still operating, you’re doing a better than many other companies.

Fortunately there’s help available and right NOW is the best time to act....

Because Udrafter has just launched a FREE support portal as part of a 3-day event called the Digital Draft 2020 (#DD2020).

Imagine having 100’s of fresh minds helping your business while promoting your product and/or services across the internet! :-)

The Digital Draft 2020, in partnership with the University of Aberdeen, is an online event for students and recent graduates to help support organisations with business challenges you may be experiencing. 

“WOW! How does it work then?”
  • All that is required is for you to answer this question "What are the challenges my business is facing right now?". 
  • Examples - "I need more traffic to my website", "I need more sales leads", "I need to raise my brand profile". It could be anything. 
  • We then package these challenges up and present them to the student teams during the event. They will then get to work on coming up with potential solutions to these problems while promoting your business online. 
  • During the event you can check in on the students working on your Challenge or wait until the end of the event and we will show you the results.

This is completely free with minimal effort required and a great opportunity to discover creative solutions while promoting your company name and services across multiple digital channels  now, during and after the event.

YOU may find a star talent for your organisation :) 

So if you’re ready to make a positive impact during this crisis, one that’ll not only help people in desperate need of an economic experience, but also create growth opportunities for yourself...

Click here to submit a Challenge today!

Students can register for the event here.

Talk soon,

Luke & Daryll

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