September 24, 2019

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Sep 24, 2019

Top 7 Apps I Wish I Knew About in First Year Uni!

Going to university for the first time is very exciting! It is also nerve wracking and you can feel a little bit in over your head in the first few weeks. Don’t worry though this is common and will settle as you get used to university life. To make your life a little bit easier here are the top 7 apps I wish I knew about in first year uni!

Cite this for me

This app is a life changer. When producing coursework or anything with quotes in it you need to cite your sources. This app takes away the manual effort that this requires and produces your references, bibliography and in text-citations for you. It is even in alphabetical order. Say goodbye to hours of manually citing references and hello to extra time on Netflix.

Unidays or Studentbeans

Unidays and Studentbeans are both student discount apps. These are amazing for snagging a last-minute deal or bargain. Get money off food & drink, fashion, retail entertainment and much more! Who doesn’t love saving money?


Want your next insta post to be next level? Make even the greyest Aberdonian sky pop a tropical blue. Remember anything can look sunny with the right filter!

My Fitness pal

Eaten 5 takeaways in a row? Necking bottle after bottle of VK? Spending your days lying on the sofa in regret of the night before? Download My fitness pal to track what you are eating and create goals. I wish I had this app in first year uni and I might have not gained a stone or three while at uni!


You will need this app. In order to survive at university, you actually need to read the emails your lecturers send, not just log into your account when you are waiting for exam results. An easy way to keep track of your uni, personal or work emails is by downloading the outlook app on your and adding multiple accounts.

Sleep Cycle

It is well known that students and sleep have a strange relationship, they are either getting too much or too little. Sleep Cycle is an intelligent alarm clock which monitors and tracks your sleep and wakes you up gently at the best time for your natural sleep cycle.


This app is 100% necessary for first year uni. (We’re not biased… we swear!) In all seriousness if you want to get ahead, gain some money and get some experience then this student recruitment app is the way to go. You can sign up via our website: or you can download the app.

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