June 4, 2020

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Daryll Morrow
May 18, 2020

Making your project post stand out

Keep. It. Simple.


Refrain from using corporate titles. 'Student Marketing Project' is much more compelling that 'Executive Marketing Consultant'. You would be surprised at the amount of candidates that won't even click through onto your project description if the title is too corporate. The title should have simple and attractive language which will encourage a student or graduate to click through onto your description.


Try not to use the word 'experience' in your project description. Students and graduates are looking for practical work experience when they use Udrafter, and so by saying you are looking for a candidate with experience this can be off putting for individuals applying. Instead use the word 'skills'. Students have an abundance of these and using this word will fully optimise your application uptake.


Set clear objectives and outcomes of the project. Setting clear objectives communicates to the candidate that they know what is expected of them to carry out the necessary work - it also allows them to identify very quickly if their skills would be a good match. Furthermore, by setting outcomes the student or graduate knows what you will get out of it but more importantly what they will get out of the project. An example could be: "at the end of this project you will have a full grasp on how 3D designs are implemented in a live business scenario". You could then follow on by saying "this is a brilliant opportunity to apply your theoretical knowledge into a practical workplace project".

If you are expecting to get lots of applications with only a few lines in your project description then you are unfortunately wrong.


By following these 3 simple but often overlooked steps you will immediately maximise your projects prospects of receiving quality applications from highly skilled students and graduates.

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