June 4, 2020

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Daryll Morrow
May 15, 2020

Engineering Case Study

Engineering Case Study: The Project

This business had a short two-part project to look at a range of materials that can provide a seal in subsurface applications such as well bore tubulars and wellheads in the oil and gas industry.

The student was able to identify which materials were suitable and once tested, they can be deployed and treated downhole by specialist intervention tooling, which is being developed concurrently.

Project Aim: to help the business understand the material suitability’s for long term applications in subsurface applications; how they manage shrinkage, corrosion, reactions with common well bore metals, malleability etc., and also to establish a range of appropriate carrier fluids.

Type of Student: Chemical Engineering

Hours: 50 hours extended

Rate: £17.50 per hour

Location: onsite and remote

Output for businesses: Moved closer to proof of concept and deployment with oil and gas businesses in Aberdeen. Built a brilliant relationship with a soon-to be graduating student who they could use in the business in the future.

Ross was a great addition to the team for the 2 weeks he worked with us. In the first week Ross quickly got to grips with the way in which the company works and the programmes we use and managed to edit 2D and 3D drawings to allow for onsite fabrication the following week. When onsite, Ross did will to manage 3 workers to successfully erect a water tank in accordance with drawings which he had worked on the previous week

Output for student: knowledge from the classroom taken and applied to a practical scenario which will look brilliant for future employers.

Business Review: “Working with Emma and Iain at Resolute Energy Solutions LTD was amazing. Overcoming new design challenges and apply my knowledge on a new task was really stimulating and absolutely essential for my personal growth. I do feel way more confident into designing new tools and solving problems never encountered before. I really want to thanks the whole team and I wish them all the best for their future”.

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